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Blocked DPF

Older diesel cars can have issues with the Diesel particulate filter - we can help

The Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) is part of the exhaust system that collects soot/carbon particles from the engine. When they go wrong, you may have received a nasty shock when quoted for a full system repair.... £££!

If the DPF is blocked, something else could well be wrong with your vehicle to have caused the issue - so before replacing it or having it cleaned, diagnosis as to the root cause must be established. Toyotek have done this kind of work on numerous occasions, always ensuring that the cause of the fault is addressed. We can then provide you with an assessment as to the work needed to address the problem and we will ALWAYS start with the most economical fix first!

Our computer diagnostics can run a process to unblock or regenerate the DPF.  However, if it is too blocked, this will not work. We can then try a chemical process to unblock and clean the DPF - this is significantly cheaper than replacement and works in the majority of cases. Failing that, we will replace the DPF with a genuine component and we guarantee that it will be cheaper to replace with us than it will be if you go to a main dealer.


Blocked DPF Lincoln

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