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Wheel Alignment

Fully compliant with ADAS systems

Wheel Alignment in Lincoln

Poor wheel alignment will cause issues such as the uneven wear on the tyre on the right hand side. Each year over two million MoTs fail due to unsafe tyres, and uneven wear means that your tyres do not last as long as they should. Getting your wheel alignment done extends the life of your tyres, improves fuel economy and ensures your handling is behaving as expected. 


Toyotek's Absolute Alignment Bluetooth pro wheel aligner integrates directly with ADAS hardware and can be set-up really quickly to enable us to do a quick check on your alignment.

If you think that your car is pulling to one side of the road whilst you're driving or if you notice some differences in your tyre wear, get it checked.

Call us on 01522538844 to book in.


More and more vehicles are are fitted with Advanced Driver Assistance Systems such as adaptive cruise control, automatic parking, collision avoidance, driver drowsiness detection, emergency driver assist, forward collision warning, intelligent speed adaption, lane departure, pedestrian protection, traffic sign recognition and more. The list is growing with every new car release – and so is the need for specialist alignment.

These systems rely on sensors behind the grille, on the bodywork and even in the windscreen – and a minor bump or even a ‘screen change can require sensor re-calibration. As many of these sensors rely on correct rear alignment, a full four wheel check is a vital safety factor. Some manufacturers insist on four wheel alignment when ADAS sensors are changed, and our best practice requires workshops to scan for ADAS systems before aligning vehicles –  a vital safety feature.

Don't leave it to chance, Toyotek are a compliant centre for these systems.

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